Our 6 year old WMA 58P washing machine stopped turning on Saturday (yes, the same day as my mother passed away).  This week I replaced the motor brushes after a friend helped me get the motor off.  But getting the belt back on (a new one as the old one was splitting) was decidedly difficult, especially as this is a fixed non-adjustable motor and there is no access to the back of the drum except from the top lid.  The man in the spares shop said I would have to use brute force as it was supposedly a stretchable belt.

So I struggled with it and Googled for solutions without much success.  Then I thought maybe I should buy the £5 downloadable repair manual  from Selfix, but wondered whether they would give the same apparently ineffective solution as others.  But in fact, when I looked through their FAQ I found the really ingenious answer.  It's here:
The belts on the WMA and WMM range of Hotpoint Washing machines are loosely classed as stretchy belts (although you would never think it to look at them). This means that there is no adjustment on the motor. To fit a new belt (or even to replace one you have just removed) is simple if gone about in the right fashion. Whilst standing at the front of the machine, with the top and back inspection panel removed, lean over the machine and hook the belt over the motor pulley then feed it onto the right side of the main pulley as far as it will go. Hold it in place with a few cable ties wrapped around it and the pulley. Put your left hand inside the drum and rotate it slowly anti clockwise. This will draw the belt onto the main pulley and the cable ties will snap as the drum rotates.

Incidentally I:
* didn't put my hand inside the drum
* cut the cable ties off with scissors once the belt had popped into place
* adjusted the positioning of the belt by hand (to make it more central) afterwards

01/25/2011 11:29am

Thank you took my partner seversl hours to try to get belt on.Found you on the internet took me 10mins Thank you Genious

07/16/2011 11:23am

marvellous idea but my hotpoint aquarius wma58 model only the top comes off so it's almost impossible to get to the back of the machine ... it;s impossible to see what you're doing or needing to do

mrs whitton
02/11/2012 6:08am

you are a god sent after my darling husband tried to fix the belt with brute force watching numerous videos your advice and brilliant instructions were incrediable the belt was fitted in 3 mins thank you so much.

02/15/2012 10:26am

Brill thanks a lot

04/13/2012 6:21am

struggled for 2hours then saw your idea........took me 10 mins brill thanks

04/23/2012 12:29pm

worked on my wma54 too. Thank you so much for posting this

05/14/2012 8:04am

Thank you was puzzled for ages and got bruises to prove it

Took me 10 mins after reading this

05/31/2012 12:43am

Pure genius! Cheers struggled for ages searched for a Method and this took 10 min!!

06/30/2012 12:43am

Brilliant - I didn't have any tie-clips handy so used a little string instead - worked just as well and belt back on and machine working within 20 mins start to finish - superb!

10/13/2012 9:55am

This sounds an excellent as my husband have been struggling all morning but to no avail.However, I am having trouble getting the top off the machine as there are two minute nuts one at each side which seem unmanageable?

10/13/2012 3:04pm

I can't remember as we don't have the machine any more. It went wrong in some other way and we bought a second-hand Bosch, which smelled as we don't use bio detergent due to skin problems in our family. So in the end we bit the bullet and bought a Miele which we hope will last our large family for some years to come, and has certainly been very good.

I certainly had to buy a set of Torx Allen-keys (or Torx screwdrivers, but the Torx Allen keys were cheaper, I think); but whether this was for the Hotpoint washing machine or for something else I can't remember. I've found them very useful since, though - a good and relatively inexpensive addition to your DIY toolkit!

03/08/2013 5:39am

thanks . it worked with us .after a day with trying lol .
you are an angel .
thanks again

stuart levine
03/25/2013 10:25am

I've given up trying.have a hotpoint aquarious with only a small access panel.after Two hours trying I've booked an engineer to come and do it.

06/12/2013 11:58am

fantastic - works on a Hot point aquarius wd440

Gareth Graves
07/12/2013 12:26pm

Thanks for this fantastic bit of info- didn't think the belt was the right size and would have ended up injuring myself!
Think you win an award for the easiest fix ever

Tim Parker
07/13/2013 5:02am

Fantastic - saved my life this morning - 2 hours trying to stretch the belt and 5 minutes with your technique

Many many thanks!!!!

By the way the back access panel does come off on the WMA58 - bit like a spost box and a bit of a pain but you can do it

Alastair harvey
09/04/2013 5:57am

Just read the method and about to try it at my daughters house, but according to others it should work easily. Thanks for the info.

12/29/2013 3:54am

Genius! Took me just 10 minutes

02/28/2014 9:48am

Thank you so much for your invaluable advice, After a 45 minute struggle we read your advice and my husband replaced the belt in a couple of minutes.

05/01/2014 3:33am

You saved our washing machine, and our sanity! Thankyou!

Peter Wood
06/06/2014 1:21pm

Struggled for over an hour, pinching fingers under the belt. Took your tip and got the belt on first try. What an ace idea, Thank you for sharing it.

08/05/2014 9:07am

you are a genius

Paul O'Reilly
08/20/2014 4:57am

I fit the belt your way twice but it still comes off after the first wash

Keith Need
09/06/2014 2:20am

Brilliant tip took me 5 mins to fit belt.

Stan Weeks
09/17/2014 7:29am

Excellent piece of advice. I had determined that the electric motor spindle could not be drawn closer to the drum pulley, but was at a loss to understand how the belt could be stretched to fit both. Now I know for sure. Thanks very much. Job done!

10/16/2014 12:33pm

Tnx last time took my friend 2/3 hours (brute force) took 5 mins following you diagram lol 3 of those to find screw I dropped simple salution always best need genius Like you to come up with tnx again

10/18/2014 7:55am

Thanks a lot,,,your tip helped me greatly !


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