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[515052] Bounds, E M [Edward McKendree}. Power Through Prayer.
London: Marshall Bros, 1921. Sixth Edition. Cloth. Average . 128 pages. Foxed, undated but flyleaf has a date of 1921. GBP 2.00

[515053] McCormick, W Jim McK. Christ, the Christian and Freemasonry. Belfast: Privately Printed, 1977. Pamphlet. Very Good . 56 pages. GBP 1.00

[515054] McCormick, W Jim McK. Christ, the Christian and Freemasonry: Enlarged and Illustrated. Belfast: Great Joy Publications, 1984. Second Edition. Paperback. Very Good . 144 pages. GBP 2.75

[515055] Adams, Thomas. A Crucifix, or a Sermon upon the Passion. Welwyn: Evangelical Press, 1977. Pamphlet. Good ISBN: 0852340915. . 30 pages. GBP 1.25

[515056] Bradford, John. Hurt of Hearing Mass. Lewes: Focus Christian Ministries Trust, 1989. Pamphlet. Good ISBN: 1870223160. . 36 pages. By one of the English reformers. Re-typeset, probably from the Parker Society edition, as the wording/spelling looks the same. GBP 1.75

[515057] Willison, John. Meditations on the Lord's Supper. Stornoway: Reformation Press, 1990. Booklet. Very Good ISBN: 1872556000. . 39 pages. GBP 1.25

[515058] Anon. Concern for the Kirk and the Reformed Faith. Scotland: National Church Association, 1980. Pamphlet. Good . 8 pages. Sounding the alarm about changes in the Church of Scotland apparently leading it to lose its character in union with other denominations. GBP 0.55

[515059] Tallach, John. A Plea Against Extremism: The Views of Calvin, Hodge & Others on Some Aspects of the Roman Catholic Church. Tain: Christian Focus Publications, 1989. Booklet. Very Good ISBN: 1871676118. . 26 pages. GBP 1.00

[515060] Tallach, S Fraser. One Is Your Master: An Analysis of the Issues Confronting Protestants in Attending a Roman Catholic Funeral. Tain: Christian Focus Publications, 1989. First Edition. Pamphlet. Very Good ISBN: 1871676134. . 44 pages. GBP 1.00

[515061] Packer, James I. Tomorrow's Worship (Prayer Book Reform series). London: Church Book Room Press, 1966. Pamphlet. Good Plus . 31 pages. GBP 2.75

[515062] James, John Angell; Booth, Gordon (editor/abridger). Christian Fellowship: or The Church Member's Guide. Oswestry: Quinta Press, 1997. Pamphlet. Very Good ISBN: 1897856040. . 64 pages, edited and abridged to make it more accessible to a modern readership. GBP 1.75

[515063] Cleave, Derek. Know How to Use Your Home for Evangelism. London: Scripture Union, 1986. Pamphlet. Good ISBN: 0862013755. . 48 pages. GBP 1.00

[515064] Chambers, Oswald. Facing Reality. London: Mrs Oswald Chambers/Simpkin, Marshall (1941) Ltd, 1948. Hard Cover. Average Plus . 61 pages. GBP 3.75

[515065] King, Jane M (as J M K). Bright Talks on Favourite Hymns for Mothers' Meetings. London: Religious Tract Society, 1916. Cloth. Average Minus . 153 pages, foxed, covers a bit stained. GBP 1.00

[515066] Helm, Paul. The Beginnings: Word and Spirit in Conversion. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1986. First Edition. Paperback. Very Good ISBN: 0851514707. . 141 pages. GBP 1.75

Helm, Paul. The Callings: The Gospel in the World. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1987. First Edition. Paperback. Very Good ISBN: 0851515126. . 152 pages. GBP 1.75

[007695] Tallach, S Fraser. The Open Door. Thurso: Weydale Publishing, 1996. Hard Cover. Very Good ISBN: 0952668602. . 231 pages. Treatise on the history of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland and the Constitutional party in the Free Church of Scotland, the issue of the effect of a Protest in a church court, the differing beliefs of the late author and of the Free Presbyterian Church about the actions of their founder, D A MacFarlane, in 1892 and 1893, later cases involving Protest, and the separation of the Associated Presbyterian Churches in 1989. We currently have multiple unused copies of this uncommon privately published book. GBP 2.75

[515068] Henry, Matthew (Elliot, Elisabeth - ed). The Secret of Communion with God. London: Marshall, Morgan and Scott, 1964. First Edition (British). Hard Cover. Good / Average Plus. . 120 pages. GBP 3.75

[515069] Jones, Hywel R. The Doctrine of Scripture Today: Trends in Evangelical Thinking. London: British Evangelical Council/Evangelical Press, 1969. Pamphlet. Very Good . 32 pages. Critiques various Inter-Varsity Fellowship publications such as New Bible Dictionary, H N Ridderbos, Michael Green, F F Bruce, et al. GBP 1.75

[515070] Adams, Thomas. Everlasting Mercy (Apples of Gold Series: No 2). Sheffield: Zoar Publications, 1973. Pamphlet. Good Plus ISBN: 090443527X. . 28 pages. Thomas Adams died 1652. GBP 1.00

[515071] Acworth, Richard. Creation, Evolution and the Christian Faith. London: Evangelical Press, 1969. Pamphlet. Good Plus . 31 pages. Lecture give at Westminster Chapel under the chairmanship of Dr Lloyd-Jones. Young-earth creationist. GBP 1.00

[515072] Alexander, Neil. The Way of the Lord and the Way of the World: Addresses for Holy Week. London: Epworth, 1965. First Edition. Paperback. Good . 60 pages. The Way of the World; The Way of the Lord as Son of God; The Way of the Lord as High Priest; The Way of the Lord as Servant-Messiah; The Way of the Lord as Conqueror of the World. GBP 1.00

[515073] Chambers, Oswald. Bringing Sons unto Glory: Studies in the Life of Our Lord. London: Oswald Chambers Publications Association, 1958. Hard Cover. Good / Good. ISBN: . . 221 pages. GBP 2.25

[515074] Gordon, Samuel Dickey. Quiet Talks About Our Lord's Return. London: Fleming H Revell, 1915. Third Edition. Cloth. Average . 266 pages. Undated but flyleaf has a date of 1915. GBP 4.75

[515075] Chappell, Clovis G. The Seven Words. Nashville: Abingdon-Cokesbury Press, 1952. Hard Cover. Average Plus / Average. . 78 pages, sermons on Jesus' words from the cross. GBP 1.75

[515076] Jennings, Frank. Eyes Right to Jesus. London: Oliphants, 1962. First Edition. Paperback. Average . 128 pages, paper browned. GBP 1.00

[515077] Gwyn-Thomas, John. Rejoice . . . Always!. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1989. Paperback. Very Good ISBN: 0851515622. . 159 pages. A study of Philippians 4. Previous owner's stamp to flyleaf. GBP 1.75

[515078] Sire, James W. Scripture Twisting: Twenty Ways the Cults Misread the Bible. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1986. Paperback. Very Good ISBN: 0877846111. . 177 pages, chapter titles: The Methodology of Misreading; World-View Confusion - a preliminary view; The Text of Scripture; Scripture as Rhetoric; Scripture as Literature; Scripture as Evidence; Reasoning from Scripture; The Authority of the Bible; World-View Confusion - the heart of the matter; The Discipleship of the Word. GBP 1.75

[515079] Engelsma, David J. Evangelism and the Reformed Faith. South Holland: South Holland Protestant Reformed Church, 1980. Pamphlet. Average . 24 pages. Undated but late 20th century. GBP 0.75

[515080] Bassett, Paul. God's Way: Reaching a Lost World. Welwyn: Evangelical Press, 1981. Paperback. Good ISBN: 0852341474. . 143 pages, edges browned. GBP 1.75

[515081] Church of Scotland. Into All the World: A Statement on Evangelism. Glasgow: McCorquodale & Company Limited, 1946. Paperback. Average . 64 pages. GBP 1.00

[515082] Martin, Ralph P. Worship in the Early Church. London: Marshall, Morgan and Scott, 1974. Revised Edition. Paperback. Average Plus ISBN: 0551053976. . 144 pages. GBP 2.75

[515083] Hodge, Charles. The Way of Life: A Guide to Christian Belief and Experience. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1978. Paperback. Average ISBN: 0851512739. . 238 pages, paper rather browned. GBP 1.75

[515084] Anderson, Norman. Freedom under Law: The Role of Law in Man's Quest for Freedom. Eastbourne: Kingsway Publications, 1988. First Edition. Paperback. Good ISBN: 0860654346. . 185 pages, paper (especially edges) slightly browned, previous owner's name to flyleaf. GBP 4.75

[515085] Fitch, Wiliam. God and Evil: Studies in the Mystery of Suffering and Pain. London: Pickering & Inglis Ltd, 1969. Hard Cover. Average / Average. ISBN: 0720800404. . 183 pages, edges foxed. GBP 3.75

[515086] Burrell, Maurice Claude. Jehovah's Witnesses (Modern Heresies series). London: Church Book Room Press, 1971. Pamphlet. Good . 20 pages. GBP 0.75

[515087] Reed, David A. Jehovah's Witnesses Answered Verse by Verse. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1992. Paperback. Very Good ISBN: 0801077397. . 139 pages. GBP 2.75

[515088] Reed, David A. Mormons Answered Verse by Verse. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1992. Paperback. Very Good ISBN: 0801077613. . 154 pages. GBP 2.75

[515089] Gerstner, John H. The Theology of the Major Sects. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1984. Paperback. Good Plus ISBN: 0801036569. . 206 pages, previous owner's embossed stamp to first and last page. GBP 2.75

[515090] Dabney, Robert Lewis. The Westminster Confession and Creeds (previously The Doctrinal Contents of the Confession: Its Fundamental and Regulative Ideas, and the Necessity and Value of Creeds). Dallas: Presbyterian Heritage Publications, 1983. Pamphlet. Good . 24 pages, previous owner's embossed stamp to first and last page. GBP 1.50

[515091] McGavran, Donald A. Effective Evangelism: A Theological Mandate. Phillipsburg: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co, 1988. Paperback. Very Good Minus ISBN: 0875522890. . 162 pages. GBP 4.75

[515092] McQuilkin, Robertson. The Great Omission: A Biblical Basis for World Evangelism. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1984. Paperback. Good Plus ISBN: 0801061679. . 103 pages. GBP 1.75

[515093] Morris, Henry M. The God Who Is Real: A Creationist Approach to Evangelism and Missions. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1988. Paperback. Very Good ISBN: 0801062330. . 85 pages. GBP 1.75

[515094] Spurgeon, Charles Haddon. C H Spurgeon's Sermons on Revival (The Kelvedon Edition series). London: Marshall, Morgan and Scott, 1958. Cloth. Average Plus / Average Plus. ISBN: . . 256 pages, edges foxed. GBP 4.75

[515095] Spurgeon, Charles Haddon. C H Spurgeon's Evangelistic Sermons (The Kelvedon Edition Series, Volume 8). London: Marshall, Morgan and Scott, 1965. Cloth. Good / Good. . 256 pages. GBP 4.75

[515096] Chadwick, Samuel. The Way to Pentecost; and The Path of Prayer. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1948. Cloth. Good . 192 pages. Two books in one. GBP 3.75

[515097] Macduff, John Ross. The Mind of Jesus. Swengel: Reiner, 1976. Paperback. Good . 70 pages. GBP 2.75

[515098] Hoeksema, Herman; Hoeksema, Homer C (trans). Believers and their Seed. Grand Rapids: Reformed Free Publishing Association, 1977. Paperback. Good Plus ISBN: 0916206181. . 159 pages. GBP 3.25

[515099] Hoeksema, Homer C. In the Beginning God .... Grand Rapids: Reformed Free Publishing Association, 1974. Paperback. Good Plus ISBN: 0825428238. . 81 pages. GBP 2.25

[515100] Hewitt, Garth (ed). Pilgrims and Peacemakers: A Journey through Lent towards Jerusalem. Oxford: Bible Reading Fellowship, 1995. First Edition. Paperback. Good Plus ISBN: 0745932525. . 160 pages. GBP 1.75

[515101] Hewlett, Henry Charles. The Glories of Our Lord. London: Pickering & Inglis Ltd, 1950. Hard Cover. Average . 128 pages, edges foxed. GBP 1.75

[515102] Jeffrey, George Johnstone. Jesus and Human Need (The Quiet Hour, second series). Edinburgh: Church of Scotland Youth Committee, 1941. Paperback. Average Minus . 71 pages, a medium quality photocopy in a spine clip. GBP 1.00

[515103] Hartley, Fred. Dare to Be Different: Dealing with Peer Pressure. Old Tappan: Fleming H Revell Co, 1980. Paperback. Average Plus ISBN: 0800750411. . 127 pages. edges a bit browned. GBP 1.00

[515104] Hendricks, Howard G; Hendricks, William D. Living by the Book. Chicago: Moody Press/Campus Crusade Asia, 1992. Paperback. Very Good ISBN: 9810031610. . 349 pages. GBP 1.00

[515105] Hendriksen, William. Beginner's Book of Doctrine. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1978. Pamphlet. Good ISBN: 0801041988. . 32 pages, a short catechism in 24 lessons. GBP 2.50

[515106] Hoeksema, Herman. The Wonder of Grace. Grand Rapids: Reformed Free Publishing Association, 1982. Paperback. Very Good ISBN: 0916206262. . 127 pages. GBP 2.75

[515107] Hession, Brian. Bridge to God. London: Peter Davies, 1961. First Edition. Hard Cover. Average / Average. . 196 pages, foxed. GBP 1.75

[515108] Davies, J Elwyn. Striving Together: A Statement of the Principles that have Governed the Aims and Policy of the Evangelical Movement of Wales. Bridgend: Evangelical Press of Wales, 1984. First Edition. Paperback. Very Good ISBN: 0900898836. . 56 pages. GBP 1.75

[515109] Balchin, John F. What Christians Believe: A Lion Manual (FAULTY COPY). Tring: Lion Publishing, 1984. Poor ISBN: 0856485667. . FAULTY COPY. 125 pages, but first 2 chapters (30 pages) are missing. GBP 0.55

[515110] Anderson, G W; Anderson, D E. New International Version: What Today's Christian Needs to Know About the NIV. London: Trinitarian Bible Society, 1990. Pamphlet. Good . 35 pages, TBS article No 74. Undated but late 20th century. GBP 0.75

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